We are pleased to inform you that Evergreen Solutions 4U is now officially Green Seal Certified!!

Evergreen’s core value is promoting earth-friendly practices in every aspect of our commercial janitorial cleaning services.

The health and safety of our clients is of top priority, when choosing which cleaning supplies to use. Green Seal Certified products are 100% environmentally friendly, concentrated, non-toxic cleaning products, which help reduce the health and safety risks of hazardous material consumption in humans as well as the environment.

Green Seal not only provides certifications to products, they also monitor them regularly to ensure that they maintain high standards of sustainability. It is an assurance knowing that by using green seal certified cleaning products & supplies, we are keeping our planet, the environment, as well as our clients as safe as possible.

Furthermore, Green Seal Certification helps our clients to achieve LEED points for their LEED Certified properties. When you choose a Green Seal (GS-42) certified cleaning services provider, your building gets the most points from Green Cleaning credits.

Eco-friendly practices are not just a business standard, but a healthier way of living.


Since 2009, Evergreen Solutions 4U is committed to sustainability by meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Evergreen’s efforts are focused on providing building services that protect health while minimizing the negative impact on the environment and the health of our clients and our employees. Our dedication to responsible sustainability is focused on delivering a consistent quality of work while using environmentally preferred products and innovative technology, equipment, and methods. Protecting the health of people in buildings while being advocates of the environment is Evergreen’s primary goal.

Evergreen will support our Environmental Compliance Statement by:

  • Using environmentally preferred green chemicals registered with the EPA that reduce the amount of chemicals released into the air and water.
  • Purchasing disposable recycled paper products and trash liners (minimum 10% recycled content).
  • Following CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) Green standards for equipment and a phase out plan for any equipment that does not meet the standards.
  • Commitment to employee safety to include Personal Protective equipment and training for our employees to include OSHA, HAZMAT Communication Standards, and Emergency Information.
  • Promoting sustainability awareness among our employees by working in an environmentally responsible manner and encouraging them to do the same.
  • Partnering and communicating with our clients to address identification of vulnerable populations, presence of pests, maintenance issues, and any other issues that may interfere with cleaning services.
  • Partnering with our vendors to ensure we receive the new innovative methods of green cleaning and green products.