Cleaning Services

Outsource your janitorial services to our cleaning specialists so you can focus more on your business

Evergreen Solutions 4U has experienced, well-trained staff to deliver high-quality cleaning services, which range from routine cleanings such as floor and garage cleaning, to more specialized tasks such as flood cleaning and fire restoration. We use Green Seal protocols to ensure your safety and have a quality control program to guarantee the best of service.

Our comprehensive cleaning services include:

Professional janitorial services

At an affordable price

  • 24-7 Emergency Response and Clean-up Team
  • Appliance Cleanings
  • Mold & Mildew Inspections, Testing and Remediation
  • Recycling
  • Special Events Cleaning
  • Fire Restorations
  • Flood Cleaning and Floor Care Managers (Marble, Wood, Tile, Etc.)
  • Construction Cleaning
  • Computer Raised Floor Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning, Maintenance Programs and Installation
  • Floor Stripping and Refinishing
  • Restroom Tile Scrubbing and Polishing
  • Marble and Granite Polishing
  • Grout Dye/Sealant Process
  • Window Cleaning Inside/Outside
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Exotic Floor Maintenance
  • Garage and Parking Lot Cleaning
  • Painting and Drywall Services, Repairs, and Remodeling
  • Janitorial and Day Porter/Matron Services
  • Pressure Washing and Garage/Parking Lot Cleaning
  • Light Fixture Cleaning/Bulb Changing
  • Health Oriented Cleaning – Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Bio-hazard and Hazmat Clean Up
  • Move In/Move Out Services
  • Mural Art Design
  • Sidewalk Snow Removal
  • Bulk Trash Removal
  • Kick/Door Plate Installation
  • COVID-19 Preventative Cleaning and Disinfecting Services
  • COVID-19 Reactive Cleaning and Disinfecting Services
  • Dedicated Sanitation Porter/Matron Services


  1. Clean the floors thoroughly first to remove any grease and/or grime that has settled into the grout.
  2. Dry the floor thoroughly before applying the product.
  3. Scrub and etch the grout lines with a small brush to allow for proper adherence of the product.
  4. The product has to be painted along the grout lines with a small brush, avoiding the tile area as much as possible.
  5. Buff the floor to remove any excess product on the tile.
  • Gives commercial restrooms, lobbies, etc. a fresh look
  • Grout dye available in 20 different colors
  • Lasts up to and beyond 12 months
  • Quotes furnished upon request; a standard commercial restroom typically priced $750.00 - $1,850.00
  • Our special services team will complete one restroom as a test free of charge

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